First things first. The Lego Movie videogame is a direct tie-in to the eponymous feature film. It follows the film’s plot almost exactly so if you haven’t seen the brilliant Lego Movie yet (why not?), you’ll want to hold off playing the game until you’ve seen it. You’ll start the game mostly playing as Emmet, […]

Hey everyone that used to follow us! You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything in a while, and that’s because we have moved and have spent a lot of time getting to the standards that our readers deserve!   To carry on following us head over to   Many Thanks,   Joshua […]

With the conclusion to Rocksteady’s Arkahm trilogy, Batman Arkham Knight, having been revealed for a short while now, gamers are hungry for information on what will certainly be one of the biggest games of 2014. So, to feed those cravings here is everything we know about Batman Arkahm Knight. Next-Gen only Well I guess you […]

The Last of Us received 10 nominations, GTA V coming close with 9, Tearaway with 8. Assassin’s Creed IV, BioShock Infinite, Super Mario 3D World, The Stanley Parable and Papers, Please all gained four nominations.

The studio behind the Resident Evil movie franchise, Screen Gems, announced that they are bringing Naughty Dog’s PlayStation 3 masterpiece The Last of Us to the big screen. Sam Raimi, director of ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘Evil Dead’ will be one of the producers on the film. The screenplay will be written by Neil Drukmann, […]

After months of waiting, Ubisoft have finally confirmed that Watch_Dogs will release worldwide on May 27. It will launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Wii U edition will release at a later, unconfirmed date. Microsoft accidentally pushed an announcement trailer to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, confirming the release date. […]

The final instalment into the Arkham series, Batman Arkham Knight, has just been announced. Acclaimed studio Rocksteady have returned to raise the bar even higher with this final Arkham game by introducing a drivable Batmobile for the very first time in a new area of Gotham City that is significantly larger than Arkham City. The Batmobile […]

In a new post on PlayStation Blog, Sony have announced that over 6 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold across the world, following the recent launch in Japan – where 322,083 units were sold in the first two days. John Keller, Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), wrote “It’s truly […]

Tom Lynch’s prediction may be correct as it seems another instalment in the extremely popular Batman Arkham series may be revealed in the very near future. Kotaku reported that GameStop stores have received promotional material and banners showing the Arkham logo surrounded in flames. Promotional material received in this fashion is usually to announce a […]

I felt a lot of pressure (mainly self-imposed) for my first review on the site, I wanted it to be a channelling of my essence, an un-biased yet passionate sermon on modern art, adored by masses and studied for years to come. In pursuit of the perfect subject matter I went to see the mesmerising […]

Microsoft have officially announced a Titanfall bundle as well as a permanent price cut for the Xbox One in the UK. Previously £429, that price has been slashed down to £399. The aforementioned Titanfall bundle will also retail at £399, but will only be on sale for a limited time. This bundle contains special Titanfall […]

With rumours and suggestions floating around the internet that Rocksteady’s next title will be revealed next month, I began speculating and hoping about what it could possibly be. Recently Rocksteady invited members of the press to see their latest title behind closed doors and were sworn to secrecy for a month, indicating we may get […]

Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming third person shooter exclusive to the PlayStation 4, The Order 1886, has its first gameplay trailer. The game revolves around four characters apart of a secret order of Knights tasked to keep a Steampunk Victorian London free of half bred monsters. You play as a descendent of […]