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MyNBA2K14 is a companion app to the latest console basketball game by 2K Sports, but alongside it comes a free to play NBA Collectible Card Game (CCG) Called My Team Mobile. Having played a few free CCGs before I was sceptical because they normally end up using a number of cynical tricks to draw you […]


Telltale’s incredible debut season of its take on the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead set new standards for interactive storytelling; it’s memorable cast of characters, well written dialogue, unpredictable story turns and a constant stream of excruciating decisions to be made ensured that it ingrained itself into the minds of all who experienced it. […]


Game design is something that is invisible when it is done well; a silent guiding hand that eases your way through a game without you ever realising the influence it is having. It’s the tutorial that teaches you into the controls, slowly adding layers of gameplay as you learn the ropes, or the automation that […]

[NEWS] Apple Keynote: New iPhone 5’s

WRITTEN BY TOM CLARKE (@CLARKEY101) Tim Cook took to the stage today at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA, to unveil Apple’s next big product launch. And, as rumours suggested, it wasn’t just one big product that Cook was to tease the audience with. First, though, was Apple’s traditional re-cap to kick off proceedings. Cook began […]


Mobile gaming is in a strange place right now; it’s very much the best of times and the worst of times. On the bad side you have an App Store choc full of ’freemium’ games, often just reskins with different themes, which whilst being ostensibly free are actually largely business models with graphics. Early progression […]


It’s September 2047 and I have a dilemma building. It’s Spartak’s first season in The Championship but already we’re hovering just above the relegation zone, and I’m not sure the manager is the right man to keep us up. We’re in a patchy run of form but the fans still love him, so though I […]


There’s a game I used to play as a kid called Rogue that as far as I knew was nothing significant. It was a simple ASCII dungeon crawler which had a different layout every time you played, a mysterious range of potions which would as likely kill you as cure you, and enemies represented by […]

[NEWS] This Week: E3, Apple’s WWDC, Xbox’s policies won’t change, PS4 Demand, Xbox One Backlash and more!

So a lot of news this week with most of it coming from the press conferences at the beginning of the week, here is the list of conferences, and extra E3 stuff we’ve already posted. Microsoft / Xbox Conference EA Conference Ubisoft Conference Sony / PS4 Conference Nintendo Direct Conference No Internet? Buy a 360 […]


I know what you’re thinking. What the app store really needs is another Match 3 game, right? Well ok, maybe not, but what it might need is this particular Match 3 game. Match 3 games have been around for a while, most famously Bejewelled becoming popular in the early 2000s, but really found their natural […]

[NEWS] Apple’s WWDC Keynote

Apple’s annual ‘Worldwide Developer’s Conference’ (WWDC) keynote took place today, Monday 10th June, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. As usual, speculation was rife before the keynote as to what Apple CEO Tim Cook would unveil in front of over 5000 audience members. Unlike previous years, however, there weren’t any solid leaks. Back in […]

[NEWS] This Week: Xbox 720 Always On Gets worse, Star Wars 1313 isn’t happening, iPhone 5S and more!

Xbox 720 Always On The next xbox situation goes from bad to worse with members of the Microsoft team basically telling customers to ‘#dealwithit’. It seems the end is nigh for the xbox console if you do have to always be online with the next console. Many, including myself, are weary about how this will […]

[NEWS w/ VIDEOS] This Week: FIFA 13 runs away with it, GUN controller, Halo Live Action Series, Microsoft Surface, Trails Evo DLC and more

FIFA sells 4.5million copies in 5 days As we stated in last weeks news article, the market is gradually returning to its great heights its used to, however this week it has jumped significantly with FIFA 13 selling 4.5million copies, making it the largest selling game this year and potentially the most successful sports game […]


Telltale’s critically acclaimed game adaption of ‘The Walking Dead’ is now over half way through its first series, and High Score Reviews is here to give you a video walkthrough of bits and pieces from the opening 3 episodes in case you’ve missed out. Let’s kick things off with Episode One – A New Day.