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I felt a lot of pressure (mainly self-imposed) for my first review on the site, I wanted it to be a channelling of my essence, an un-biased yet passionate sermon on modern art, adored by masses and studied for years to come. In pursuit of the perfect subject matter I went to see the mesmerising […]


The topic of slavery is a sensitive one, rife with emotion, tragedy and injustice. Not many film makers would dare delve into the topics shocking core. Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was effectively about slavery, but with an overcoat of comedic and stylised action elements to maintain enjoyment and conceal the depressing nature of slavery. Steve […]


Disney’s film division is riding a giant wave of success of late, with its own Marvel Studios churning out intriguing comic book adaptations and the impending release of a new Star Wars saga. However, it is still nice to see them release movies that are fun people of all ages and interests, such as Frozen. […]


The original Anchorman achieved practically everything a comedy film should set out to achieve; it’s fantastically memorable, endlessly quotable, wonderfully irreverent and, of course, side-splittingly funny. It’s arguably Will Ferrell’s greatest work, one which he hasn’t even come close to matching since its release in 2004, and looms imposingly over the comedy genre like some […]


The last 12 months has probably gone quicker than the opening 40 minutes of last year’s first installment in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit, which is just as well, because for many the wait for the follow-up has been unbearable after the epic yet inevitably unsatisfying conclusion to Bilbo’s unexpected journey. This time around, […]


The feeling of being in space has always been a curiosity of mine. The silence, the sense of freedom and accomplishment, the sense of fear and abandonment. My curiosity was put to rest after viewing ‘Gravity’. The narrative entails two astronauts Ryan and Matt, played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, as they try to […]

[FILM REVIEW] Thor: The Dark World

When Iron Man first hit cinemas in 2008, nobody would’ve predicted the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Iron Man duology, Thor, Captain America and (maybe) The Incredible Hulk all set the stage for the big team up in last year’s Avengers: Assemble. Parting ways after saving the planet, Earth’s mightiest heroes now have problems of […]


District 9 director Neil Blomkamp delivers another apocalyptic Sci-Fi action thriller in the form of Elysium, staring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The film takes place in 2154, a time in which Earth has become vastly overpopulated and is now a dust covered wasteland rife with poverty and disease, as people desperately try to survive […]

[FILM REVIEW] We’re the Millers

What did I know about We’re the Millers when I went into the screening? Well naturally I knew what it was about from the trailers, knew the work of many of the cast and strangely also knew that a friend of my parents had the hots for Jennifer Anniston; but I guess thats a story […]

[FILM REVIEW] Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge: in three words… morbid, unconventional and lame. You wouldn’t think that these three words would come in to play when looking for a good film to watch, would you? With Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa the plot was very well designed to encapsulate Partridge’s character throughout, which I believe was a key factor in […]


There seems to be the feeling among film studios and directors these days that to succeed in crafting a popular and effective horror picture you need rely only upon your ability to conjure up as many horrific and gnarly death scenes as you possibly can and work them together into a sequence as part of […]

[FILM REVIEW] The World’s End

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost started their Cornetto trilogy with Shaun of the Dead (Red Strawberry – for blood and zombies), which was a brilliant film, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Brit that didn’t like it. Next came Hot Fuzz (Blue Original – For police with white and blue uniform), […]


Much as they set out to do with Toy Story 3, Disney and Pixar have returned to one of their most well loved properties in an attempt to rekindle a sense of fun and fancy within the generation that enjoyed Monsters Inc 12 years ago, whilst also providing a colourful and entertaining spectacle for modern […]