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[REVIEW] Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers has never been a game series I have really been into, but with the good praise War for Cybertron got and the fact that I like Transformers in general I thought I’d give it a go. Transformer: Fall of Cybertron scores pretty well, and deserves praise for being a pretty original IP: Graphics Now […]


Here it is:

[NEWS] This Week: New GTA V Images, Halo 4 Achievements, OnLive still Alive?, Next-Gen helps highstreet, Walls are coming down

This week has seen some interesting developments with both software and hardware and here is the most important stuff: New GTA V Images Recently Rockstar released some images of their upcoming game GTA V which can all be seen here. Halo 4 Achievements 343 Industries the now main creator of the Halo series has released […]

Halo 4 Achievements

Here is a list of the Halo 4 Achievements and their scores: Dawn – Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty – (10 Points) Requiem – Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty – (10 Points) Forerunner – Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty – (10 Points) Infinity – Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty – (10 Points) Reclaimer – Complete Mission […]

GTA V Images

The New GTA V Images:        

[OPINION] Next-Gen: The End of Console Gaming?

Personally I have never been much of a pc gamer, and as such have been big on the console front.  The current generation of console was the first one I bought in the year it was release, and the most fun console generation for me. So serious concerns are raised when you hear certain things […]

[NEWS] BREAKINING NEWS – On Live filing for Bankruptcy

Literally just after Abi released this weeks news article Kotaku has been informed that On Live, one of the largest game streaming companies will be filing for bankruptcy in the state of California. On Live, a company that work by streaming games to any pc, handheld devices or the On Live hardware, much like netflix streams […]


Gamescom This week saw the opening of Gamescom, the annual trade fair held in Cologne, Germany. There have been several new game announcements as well as demonstrations and hands on experience for many upcoming games. Capcom Perhaps the biggest announcement of Gamescom is Capcom’s action adventure game “Remember Me”, which thankfully has nothing to do […]

[OPINION w/ VIDEO] Black Ops 2: The Change in Modern Shooters We Need?

With the modern shooter becoming rather stale with the likes of call of duty, battlefield and the like all going down a very similar lane it seems ‘the road less travelled’ will stay that way. However much like Black Ops 1, Trey Arch are trying their damnedest to create a game that is different and […]


Some big news on PS3 DLC for one of 2011’s most popular games, two EA launch titles for the Nintendo Wii U, information on the final DLC pack for Modern Warfare 3, plus plenty more, on this weeks news round-up. PlayStation 3 Prepares For Dawnguard Whilst Xbox 360 owners have been sinking their teeth into […]