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To follow in the footsteps of a giant is one thing; to follow in the footsteps of a game that helped define a generation is another thing entirely. BioShock was an instrumental leap forward in video game storytelling, spinning a tale that felt like it could only be told in this medium. It’s good BioShock […]

[NEWS] This Week: Use 360 headset with Xone, Google Console, Origin Overhaul & More!

Here’s your round-up of all the major news from the world of gaming for the week of July 24th. Use Your Xbox 360 headset with your Xbox One While it’s confirmed that an Xbox One headset will not be bundled in with the new console Microsoft has stated that it is trying to find a […]

[NEWS] PS One Sale – Massive Savings!

SONY has put a tonne of PS One games on sale on the PSN Store! All deals have another 10% of for PS Plus members, and the deal will run until 10th July 2013. See the deals below Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99 Command & Conquer: Red Alert – Was […]

[HOW ABOUT] Injustice: Gods Among Us

Josh turns his hand to fighting games, as he battles his friend Jack in Injustice Gods Among Us!   For more videos check out the videos page!   By Josh ‘BeastlyD’ Lawrence For More follow us on twitter @HighScoreReview or like us on Facebook. Check back for more news and reviews right here on HSR.


There’s a game I used to play as a kid called Rogue that as far as I knew was nothing significant. It was a simple ASCII dungeon crawler which had a different layout every time you played, a mysterious range of potions which would as likely kill you as cure you, and enemies represented by […]


If there’s one aspect of gaming that’s really come into its own during this console generation, for me it’s storytelling. Books, television shows and films have been able to totally immerse us in their worlds by crafting gripping narratives and filling them with characters that we can relate to, that we’re interested in, and, most […]

[NEWS] Microsoft scrap Xbox One policies: No online DRM, no restrictions on sharing games

Seemingly giving in to the relentless criticism, Microsoft have backtracked on a couple of their controversial Xbox One policies. A once-daily online check in won’t be required Previously, the Xbox One was required to be connected to the internet once every 24hrs to allow you to play games offline. This was to prevent people downloading […]

[POD] #7: E3 2013

Pretty much all the talk this month is on the big news and announcements from E3 2013, featuring our thoughts on all the press conferences and all the biggest games. We also review The Last Of Us, Man Of Steel and The Hangover 3. The podcast can currently be found here: Episode 7 It will also […]


Over the years, Superman has proven himself to be one of the most difficult character to successfully translate from the panels of a comic book to the silver screen of cinema. Whilst 1978’s opening entry from Richard Donner is a cause for celebrated nostalgia among movie goers who grew up in that era, subsequent sequels […]

[NEWS] This Week: E3, Apple’s WWDC, Xbox’s policies won’t change, PS4 Demand, Xbox One Backlash and more!

So a lot of news this week with most of it coming from the press conferences at the beginning of the week, here is the list of conferences, and extra E3 stuff we’ve already posted. Microsoft / Xbox Conference EA Conference Ubisoft Conference Sony / PS4 Conference Nintendo Direct Conference No Internet? Buy a 360 […]

[NEWS] Xbox Used Game Policy Clarification

So not to sound like I’m defending the Xbox One, but I will mainly due to a lot of people on the internet hating on it with incorrect information. So this is what is actually known about the Xbox One used game policy and how it affects you and I as the consumers. Day One […]


I know what you’re thinking. What the app store really needs is another Match 3 game, right? Well ok, maybe not, but what it might need is this particular Match 3 game. Match 3 games have been around for a while, most famously Bejewelled becoming popular in the early 2000s, but really found their natural […]


Sony embraced the gamer and hit a home run at their E3 2013 press conference on Monday night, and firmly placed the ball in Microsoft’s court as consumers get ready to pick sides in the lead-up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One later this year. Here’s your roundup of Sony’s […]