arkham 4 logo

Tom Lynch’s prediction may be correct as it seems another instalment in the extremely popular Batman Arkham series may be revealed in the very near future. Kotaku reported that GameStop stores have received promotional material and banners showing the Arkham logo surrounded in flames. Promotional material received in this fashion is usually to announce a significant title and build anticipation. The employees of GameStop have been explicitly told not to hang the posters until the week of March 3rd, which coincides with the journalists having seen Rocksteady’s next title being sworn to secrecy until March. It is also stated that GameStop stores are receiving posters called “Zeppelin” which are also linked to Batman.

So its pretty much safe to say that Rocksteady are most certainly working on a new Arkham title which we will learn more about very soon. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the logo and what this may say about the game itself and check back for further updates when the arise.


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