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[FILM REVIEW] The Hangover: Part III

With The Hangover 2 being not quite as good as the original, fans of the franchise were left wondering how poor this third, and supposedly final, instalment could possibly be. Well I’m glad to report that its pretty decent. While not near the standard of the original it does hold up on its own and doesn’t do […]

[NEWS] This Week: Xbox One, COD Ghosts, Forza 5 Box Art, PS4 console, and more!

The Xbox One gets 15 year one exclusives So you may have heard a lot of negative press about the Xbox One not having any games. However this is not the case, it will in fact be getting 15 exclusives within the first year of its release, meaning E3 is an exciting event to watch […]

[POD] #6: The Xbox One

The Xbox One announcement is what dominates the discussion on the May 2013 edition of the High Score Reviews podcast, as the crew give their thoughts on the console, the features, the games and the controversial backlash. Plus thoughts on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness! The podcast can currently be found here: […]

[RUMOUR] Xbox One Price

One of our sources has revealed that the price of the Xbox One in the UK. Argos will be selling the console for £299.99. Naturally this is just a rumour, and is unconfirmed. Although other rumours would suggest this is the right ball park for the non-contract price. Contract pricing may well be £99 up […]

[NEWS] This Week: Xbox Roundup, EA online Pass, GT6 on PS4, EA Star Wars, COD Ghosts

Xbox Rumour Roundup With the ‘#XboxReveal’ happening next week, here is a roundup of rumours that are doing the rounds. The xbox will not have always-online: yes this idea has once again been dashed from the record, with apparently being always online but not for singleplayer games, meaning its just like the Xbox 360. Expect it to […]


2009’s Star Trek provided pretty much everything anyone could want from a reboot of a much loved piece of fiction, and the challenge for director JJ Abrams now is can he deliver pretty much everything anyone could want from a sequel? It’s a delicate balancing act having to provide a sense of the familiar with […]

[JOSH PLAYS] SimCity (2013): EP4 – Death Metal!

Little Beastington gets an improved infrastructure and some people die! A new episode will be added to the Josh Plays SimCity page every monday! By Josh ‘BeastlyD’ Lawrence For More follow us on twitter @HighScoreReview or like us on Facebook. Check back for more news and reviews right here on HSR.