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[NEWS w/ VIDEO] This Week: Black Ops 2 Zombies, Halo 4 Flood, Mass Effect Trilogy, New Horror Game and more…

More on Black Ops 2 Zombies Zombies mode in Black Ops 2 has been announced and is the most anticipated Zombies mode to date. Zombies in BlOps 2 will consist of a campaign mode called ‘Tranzit’ and the standard survival mode we’ve come to know and love and a new competitive mode. Tranzit allows up to […]

[HSR News] Change to The Scoring Systems

Five Months on from the start of HSR we have practically hit 3,000 views, and for this we thank everyone who has viewed and enjoyed the site. Recently, Tom, Abi and I all came to the same conclusion that the current review scoring system (score out of 10) is rather too restrictive and puts emphasis […]


I’m still persevering with ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ despite the fact I think it may eventually be the cause of a nervous breakdown.

[NEWS w/ VIDEOS] This Week: Microsoft’s Wearable Controller, PES 2013 DLC, Borderlands 2 DLC, 3 Game Trailers and more!

Microsoft Patents More Stuff Back in June a roadmap or like a ‘what’s next’ document was leaked from Microsoft that referenced a new Kinect, and also virtual reality headset tech. Then last week it was found that Microsoft had patented Environment Projection technology was found. This week however there has been another patent found, and […]


Josh has continued his quest to scare the shit out of Tom through the medium of video games, this time by providing him with a copy of acclaimed horror hit ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’. Tom has played through the first hour, and here’s a video documenting the highlights so far.

[NEWS] PS3 Super Slim – With Prices

Back in July we reported on a rumour that the PS3 will be coming back in a new super slim various (see here). Now it has been officially announced in three varieties, two of which will be coming to the UK. The three different SKU’s are 12GB  flash memory version, 250GB Hard Drive version and […]

[NEWS] This Week: Wii U launch details, Microsoft’s future of gaming, Half-Life remake, Game Makers arrested

Wii U Announced in Detail The Wii U will be released in Japan on November 30th and will come in two SKUs (versions) a basic (8GB) with a price of £260 and a premium (32GB) version at £310 from GAME. It will only have 2GB of memory split 50/50 between the system and the game. […]


As the only one with a console capturing device I decided to show off the FIFA 13 demo. I’m pretty useless at FIFA though so don’t expect much!


Telltale’s critically acclaimed game adaption of ‘The Walking Dead’ is now over half way through its first series, and High Score Reviews is here to give you a video walkthrough of bits and pieces from the opening 3 episodes in case you’ve missed out. Let’s kick things off with Episode One – A New Day.

[HSR] What you missed on HSR – Week of 03/09

Missed any articles from the week? Find out here: Why DLC is Evil – Abi Abi wrote a great piece on why DLC is evil and why the capitalist pigs shouldn’t get away with it! Just playing, although it is a great article. New Xbox Dashboard Update Autumn 2012 – Josh A short video on […]

[NEWS w/ VIDEO] This Week: Xbox 720 Delays, PES 2013 Release Date, Skyrim DLC, Metal Gear Solid, PS Vita Hacked

‘Yields could delay Xbox 720 beyond planned September 2013 lauch’ Microsoft will have to sort out a major tech issue if SemiAccurate is to be believed. Their report suggests that the chip named ‘Oban’ is currently in short supply meaning Microsoft has had to outsource the manufacture to three more factories in the hope that […]

[NEWS w/ VIDEO] New Xbox Dashboard for Autumn 2012

Here is the new dashboard which will be coming your way very shortly!

[OPINION] Why DLC is evil

First of all, let me get this straight. I am not inherently against downloadable content (DLC). It’s given me some of my best moments in gaming. When done properly, it can be brilliant, adding more length, depth and a exploring a different side to a game. It can make you rediscover the joys of a […]