I felt a lot of pressure (mainly self-imposed) for my first review on the site, I wanted it to be a channelling of my essence, an un-biased yet passionate sermon on modern art, adored by masses and studied for years to come. In pursuit of the perfect subject matter I went to see the mesmerising new Spike Jonze movie Her; a thoughtful near future love story that raises fascinating questions about our modern-day relationship with technology. Perfect. Convinced that I’d found muse for my first masterwork I sat down to write… then I procrastinated (as I do)… then I flicked through Netflix (just to see what was new, honest) then… I watched Roadhouse!

Roadhouse is potentially the greatest movie ever made. It’s got it all: monster trucks, tai chi, mullets, knife fights, a polar bear, terrible one-liners and perhaps the most awkward sex scene in cinema history. 80’s heart-throb Patrick Swayze stars as the toughest ‘cooler’ in the west, don’t worry if you don’t know what a ‘cooler’ is, it’s explained at length several times in the movie. For you rare few out there who weren’t schooled in the small town of Jasper, Missouri., where Roadhouse is set and the definition of the word ‘cooler’ must be taught on the school syllabus as literally everyone is talking about it; a cooler is the guy in charge of a club’s bouncers and if trouble escalates (and believe me, it does) he steps in to kick some ass.

roadhouseAnyway, some balding club owner hires Swayze’s character Dalton to clean up his hell hole of a bar The Double Deuce and so starts a series of fights, love affairs and explosions. Technically speaking Roadhouse is an inherently flawed movie, its pacing is awful, its plot crazy and the script is at times nonsensical. But I dare you not to love it. To save you the trouble of deciding whether to watch the movie I have written two lists:

People who should NOT watch Roadhouse:

  • My Grandmother,
  • Nuns (without a burrowed sense of adventure),
  • People who never want to be happy.

People who should watch Roadhouse:

  • Everybody else.

Now I don’t want all of this talk of Roadhouse to detract from what a fantastic film Her is. Spike Jonze creates a believable and beautiful near future into which he weaves a classic love story with a technological twist – a man falling in love with his cloud operating system raises several poignant questions: what is real? What is love (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xhrBDcQq2DM)? What would you do in his shoes? And many more. I’m still thinking about the movie now; it is sci-fi in its purest form, reminiscent of Channel 4’s black mirror series; focusing on human emotions and philosophy instead of laser beams and space ships.


In summary, Her is a wonderful piece of cinema – one I strongly urge anyone to go and see. But after it delivers 120 minutes of beautiful cinematography, subtly witty script and superbly nuanced performances, go home and watch Roadhouse (available on Netflix, and in most well rounded DVD/ Blu Ray collections)… Seriously, Swayze rips a guy’s throat out!




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  1. Congratulations. Your first review on this site was brilliant!

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