[NEWS] Xbox One Titanfall bundle & UK price cut announced!

Microsoft have officially announced a Titanfall bundle as well as a permanent price cut for the Xbox One in the UK. Previously £429, that price has been slashed down to £399.

The aforementioned Titanfall bundle will also retail at £399, but will only be on sale for a limited time. This bundle contains special Titanfall packaging, a digital copy of the game  and 1 Month’s Xbox Live Gold along with the standard console, kinect, wireless controller and headset.

All part of the package

All part of the package

Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK’s Marketing Director, said “I think the announcements we’re making today are very exciting, I think there’s lots more to come … I think there’s a ton of stuff coming and a great reason for people to be excited about the future”. He also said there are a  “load of announcements” yet to come at E3.

He also mentioned the Xbox TV juddering issue in the UK, saying “it’ll be spring and therefore in just a matter of weeks we’ll have that matter fixed”. It’s good to see that the updates are coming in good time, and that Microsoft are listening to the complaints of early adopters.

I think that this price cut is coming at the right time, just as the first major Xbox One title lands next month. What do you think about this announcement? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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