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[NEWS] This Week: Dishonored DLC, Windows 8 released, AC3 breaks Pre-Order Records, Minecraft top once again

Dishonored DLC Dishonored will be receiving three DLC drops over the next year. The first of which will be called Dunwall City Trials and will come in December to the tune of £3.99/€4.99/AUD$8.45/$4.99/400 MS points, and will add 10 challenge maps which are designed to test players in all areas. The second drop will be next […]

[NEWS] This Week: Forza Horizon DLC, Skyrim DLC, Black Ops 2 Elite is Free, Minecraft 360 1.8.2, New Xbox Dashboard, Amazing Wii U Controllers

Forza Horizon DLC already announced Downloadable Content for Forza Horizon has already been announced and the main drop will be on 18th December 2012 and will include a Rally Racing Expansion Pack. The pack will offer “an outstanding off-road racing experience with deeper ruts, higher jumps, and new surfaces to explore”, as well as new […]

[NEWS] Minecraft 360 1.8.2 Update is here!

Today saw the release of the new update for Minecraft 360. The two main changes to the game see creative mode and survival mode enter the frame, and they give the game that one thing it may have been lacking before. It is a totally worthwhile update, and makes the game great! Survival Mode is […]

[FILM OPINION] James Bond: A Terrible Film Franchise

Iconic is one of the words i’d use to describe James Bond, many others are i’d consider go with only one of the various Bond’s. Here I have gone through every different iteration of Bond as a character and given my opinion of them and how best to sum up their time in the – […]

[NEWS] Thor: The Dark World Synopsis Revealed

The overall story of the upcoming sequel to the Marvel film Thor was announced recently it will star much of the star cast as the original and will have a cameo from Stan Lee as always. The Synopsis is as follows: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has to battle to save the Earth and the rest of […]

[NEWS] This Week: GTA V release date, GTA/Red Dead/LA Noire bundle, Borderlands 2 DLC, New Super Mario Bros U in 1080p

GTA V Release Date GameStop’s UK branch has announced a release date for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game: GTA 5. This date is Friday 1st March 2013. However GTA usually as a global release date which tends to be a Tuesday in line with US the standard US release date. One thing that can […]

[NEWS w/ VIDEOS] This Week: FIFA 13 runs away with it, GUN controller, Halo Live Action Series, Microsoft Surface, Trails Evo DLC and more

FIFA sells 4.5million copies in 5 days As we stated in last weeks news article, the market is gradually returning to its great heights its used to, however this week it has jumped significantly with FIFA 13 selling 4.5million copies, making it the largest selling game this year and potentially the most successful sports game […]


FIFA games are ones that have been in my life for quite some time, I haven’t actually owned one since 2004 but they’ve still be there in some capacity. FIFA 13, which I recently bought, has brought all that excitement back again and my copy of Borderlands 2 is sitting in its box not getting […]