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[NEWS] Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Outfit Revealed!

Ever since filming began on the new series not too long ago, many fans of Doctor Who have been speculating what the new Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi – will be like. To give us a glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor, the BBC have released the first official image of Capaldi wearing his costume. Check it out […]


At the Television Critics Association press tour, the Chairman of Entertainment at FOX Kevin Reilly, revealed new information regarding the upcoming series Gotham. It was originally stated back in September of last year that Gotham would focus primarily around Jim Gordon’s early career as a police officer , however it seems now the series will […]

[NEWS] Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – Official Trailer Released

The moment has arrived. The first official trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special has landed showcasing a ton of action, comedy and a big hint as to who John Hurt’s Doctor could be. The BBC’s hand was forced to release it early, following a host of leaks overnight. Originally, a trailer was set […]

[TV FEATURE] Who’s next for a Cartoon Bereavement?

Unlike a TV drama or a sitcom it’s not that often that an animated sitcom will kill off its characters, however, for two of America’s most popular Animated comedies, two mortalities are around the corner.


Deadline has revealed that Commissioner Gordon is getting his own live-action series. It was revealed on the same night that Marvel launched Agents of SHIELD, so it seems DC is trying to further enhance its TV presence. This new series, called Gotham, will completely bypass the pilot stage and air on FOX, after a heated […]


Yes, you heard it right. An intriguing poster has been released for The Day of the Doctor, the upcoming anniversary special of Doctor Who. Three interesting features I’ve found in this poster are the return of Bad Wolf, another broken TARDIS door and some Gallifreyan squiggles. Could a return to Gallifrey be in order? It’s […]


Since the cliffhanger end to Series 7 of Doctor Who, many fans of the show have been left scratching their heads as they ponder who on Earth John Hurt is playing. Those answers are sadly not with us today, but the title of the 50th Anniversary Special has been revealed to be The Day of the […]