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Game design is something that is invisible when it is done well; a silent guiding hand that eases your way through a game without you ever realising the influence it is having. It’s the tutorial that teaches you into the controls, slowly adding layers of gameplay as you learn the ropes, or the automation that […]

[NEWS] This Week: Use 360 headset with Xone, Google Console, Origin Overhaul & More!

Here’s your round-up of all the major news from the world of gaming for the week of July 24th. Use Your Xbox 360 headset with your Xbox One While it’s confirmed that an Xbox One headset will not be bundled in with the new console Microsoft has stated that it is trying to find a […]


There’s a game I used to play as a kid called Rogue that as far as I knew was nothing significant. It was a simple ASCII dungeon crawler which had a different layout every time you played, a mysterious range of potions which would as likely kill you as cure you, and enemies represented by […]

[NEWS] This Week: Xbox 720 Always On Gets worse, Star Wars 1313 isn’t happening, iPhone 5S and more!

Xbox 720 Always On The next xbox situation goes from bad to worse with members of the Microsoft team basically telling customers to ‘#dealwithit’. It seems the end is nigh for the xbox console if you do have to always be online with the next console. Many, including myself, are weary about how this will […]

[NEWS] This Week: Metal Gear Solid V, GTA V, Borderlands 2 Updates, No Battlefield for Wii U and more!

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Trailer A trailer has been released for the new metal gear solid called ‘The Phantom Pain’. Check it out below: More GTA V screens More GTA V screens have been released, and you can find them below: Borderlands 2 Updates A multitude of additions is coming over the […]

[NEWS] This Week: MW4, Star Wars 7, Ouya gets closer, Halo Legacy, Price Future of Gaming

Modern Warfare 4 outed? Bill Murray (Not the Ghostbusters guy) has been the voice of Captain Price during all three Modern Warfare games to date. Murray has reportedly told This is Xbox “Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern […]

[NEWS w/ VIDEOS] This Week: FIFA 13 runs away with it, GUN controller, Halo Live Action Series, Microsoft Surface, Trails Evo DLC and more

FIFA sells 4.5million copies in 5 days As we stated in last weeks news article, the market is gradually returning to its great heights its used to, however this week it has jumped significantly with FIFA 13 selling 4.5million copies, making it the largest selling game this year and potentially the most successful sports game […]

[NEWS] This Week: OnLive on Ouya, Apple’s new controller, GT6, Google Fiber, GTA3

The past week has seem some interesting hardware and software news, here is the most important: Ouya and OnLive It has been announced that OnLive will be coming to the android-based console Ouya at launch. This gives the Ouya the next step in becoming a reality as it will now be able to play fully-fledged […]

[NEWS] This Week: New Xbox 360, FEZ patch, New PS3, Ouya, Activision Blizzard

A lot of console news this week and nothing to do with the next gen believe is or not! Halo 4 LimEd Console Microsoft have announced they will be releasing a limited edition xbox 360s based on their new Halo title, Halo 4. The console will have a halo 4 stylized livery as well as […]