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[NEWS] Call of Duty: Ghosts runs native 1080p on PS4, upscaled on Xbox One

The past few weeks have seen the rise of a fair few rumours speculating that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at a different resolution on Xbox One than the PS4. At last, these rumours can be put to bed. Mark Rubin, from Infinity Ward, has confirmed that Ghosts will be native 720p and upscaled to 1080p […]

[REVIEW] Batman Arkham Origins

I have to admit, when Batman Arkham Origins was initially announced I was filled with skepticism. A new developer in the form of Warner Bros Montreal would be tackling the title over the beloved Rocksteady studios, and it was an origins story. However much to my surprise, the prequel to the game that saved the […]

[PREVIEW] Football Manager 2014

We all want to be something we’re not. When it comes to football fans, I’d say over 90% of them would like to put themselves in the ‘hot-seat’ of their chosen club for a day, and I think this is the reason why Football Manager is so widely loved and played in the footballing community. It […]


If you were worried about your pirate adventure being short lived, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft announced today that the next installment into the Assassins Creed franchise will have a staggering 80 hours worth of content. While it will take around 20 hours to complete the main narrative of the game, lead game […]


Game design is something that is invisible when it is done well; a silent guiding hand that eases your way through a game without you ever realising the influence it is having. It’s the tutorial that teaches you into the controls, slowly adding layers of gameplay as you learn the ropes, or the automation that […]

[NEWS] Rockstar to dish out $500,000 after GTA Online launch woes

After a week and a half of problems and having to deal with angry players, Rockstar have finally provided a stable iteration of GTA Online. To compensate for the loss of characters and other launch issues, they have decided to compensate players with $500,000 of in-game currency. This “special stimulus package” will be given to […]


With GTA Online finally up and running many people are astounded by the sheer magnitude and scope of the the multiplayer component to GTA 5, but it is only the beginning of Rockstars’s ambitions. Of course GTA Online is now Rockstar’s primary focus to ensure the servers don’t go into melt down again, but the […]


Spoilers for all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad follow. Do not read if you have not seen the latest episode. You have been warned.

[TV FEATURE] Who’s next for a Cartoon Bereavement?

Unlike a TV drama or a sitcom it’s not that often that an animated sitcom will kill off its characters, however, for two of America’s most popular Animated comedies, two mortalities are around the corner.

[VIDEO] HSR at Eurogamer Expo 2013

HSR were at the Eurogamer Expo for three days of hands on time with some of the biggest games to come later this year and in the early months of 2014. Featuring brief snippets of off-cam gameplay from the likes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Forza Motorsport 5, Octodad, Resogun, LEGO Marvel […]