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[NEWS] Watch_Dogs Release Date & New Trailer!

After months of waiting, Ubisoft have finally confirmed that Watch_Dogs will release worldwide on May 27. It will launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Wii U edition will release at a later, unconfirmed date. Microsoft accidentally pushed an announcement trailer to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, confirming the release date. […]

[REVIEW] The Lego Movie Videogame

First things first. The Lego Movie videogame is a direct tie-in to the eponymous feature film. It follows the film’s plot almost exactly so if you haven’t seen the brilliant Lego Movie yet (why not?), you’ll want to hold off playing the game until you’ve seen it. You’ll start the game mostly playing as Emmet, […]


10. Resogun (PS4) It perhaps says more about the disappointment surrounding the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Forza Motorsport 5 that Resogun is, for me at least, the best console exclusive launch title on either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but that’s not to say that isn’t a mighty fun game in its […]


We could be seeing the origins of Batman’s chilled combatant Mr Freeze in the form of story DLC for Batman Arkham Origins later this year. Warner Bros. Montreal updated their Facebook page with the teasing message “all-new story DLC coming in 2014”, accompanied by an image showing an award for the “Wayne Foundation Humanitarian Award”. […]


Telltale’s incredible debut season of its take on the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead set new standards for interactive storytelling; it’s memorable cast of characters, well written dialogue, unpredictable story turns and a constant stream of excruciating decisions to be made ensured that it ingrained itself into the minds of all who experienced it. […]

[REVIEW] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

If you’re getting a shiny new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and can only get one game for it, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag wouldn’t be a bad choice. It’s a fantastic game – whatever the platform – and while it has its flaws, it’s the best Assassin’s Creed game in a long time, if […]


It’s a feat worthy of recognition that LEGO Marvel Superheroes is the 13th game of its type that developer Traveller’s Tales has brought out since the first LEGO Star Wars title back in 2005, and yet once again represents genuine attempts to advance the formula whilst retaining the same sense of familiar fun and wonderful […]

[NEWS] Batman: Arkham Collection announced!

Warner Bros. Interactive have announced the Batman: Arkham Collection, which brings together all 3 Arkham games in one package. It will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 22 in the UK. The collection contains Arkham Asylum and Arkham City as well as the recently-released Arkham Origins. Whilst Origins will be included […]

[NEWS] Bioshock Infinite – Burial at Sea launch trailer released

A new video has been released by 2K Games on YouTube, to celebrate the launch of BioShock Infinite’s new DLC launch. The following description accompanied the trailer: On the eve of Rapture’s fall from grace, Elizabeth enlists Booker DeWitt’s services in locating a lost girl. Who is this girl Sally, what does Booker know of […]

[REVIEW] Batman Arkham Origins

I have to admit, when Batman Arkham Origins was initially announced I was filled with skepticism. A new developer in the form of Warner Bros Montreal would be tackling the title over the beloved Rocksteady studios, and it was an origins story. However much to my surprise, the prequel to the game that saved the […]


If you were worried about your pirate adventure being short lived, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft announced today that the next installment into the Assassins Creed franchise will have a staggering 80 hours worth of content. While it will take around 20 hours to complete the main narrative of the game, lead game […]

[NEWS] Rockstar to dish out $500,000 after GTA Online launch woes

After a week and a half of problems and having to deal with angry players, Rockstar have finally provided a stable iteration of GTA Online. To compensate for the loss of characters and other launch issues, they have decided to compensate players with $500,000 of in-game currency. This “special stimulus package” will be given to […]


With GTA Online finally up and running many people are astounded by the sheer magnitude and scope of the the multiplayer component to GTA 5, but it is only the beginning of Rockstars’s ambitions. Of course GTA Online is now Rockstar’s primary focus to ensure the servers don’t go into melt down again, but the […]