About HSR

High Score Reviews is a games news and review site that throws in film reviews as well. We pride ourselves on being fresh, original and an honest ‘of the people’ review site which you most likely will not see on a normal review site. Moreover we are currently non-profit and do this purely to provide a different view to the standard professional feel. We have ambition to grow and determined to do so by providing informative and entertaining articles and videos that will hopefully give you what you want and deserve.

Currently we have a small team that is full of opinion and also hugely interested in games, and believe that it is an entertainment medium that is disregarded by many, but holds far more potential.

Meet the team:

Joshua ‘BeastlyD’ Lawrence

Editor-in-Chief / Content & Social Management / Founder

Basically a standard editor but makes sure everyone is cool with what they’re doing.


Tom Acres

Senior Editor / Founder

Damn good editor with a knack for writing


Abishek Rolands

Senior Editor

Quality editor with a strong gaming historya


Billy Kingsmill

Lead Artist

The guy that creates all our thumbnails and our banner etc, bringing a true sense of professionalism to the site.


Andrew Daly


He is the music man and he comes from round our way. The sensation that truly brings the professional touch to our videos.

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