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[REVIEW] The Lego Movie Videogame

First things first. The Lego Movie videogame is a direct tie-in to the eponymous feature film. It follows the film’s plot almost exactly so if you haven’t seen the brilliant Lego Movie yet (why not?), you’ll want to hold off playing the game until you’ve seen it. You’ll start the game mostly playing as Emmet, […]

[NEWS] Ni no Kuni hits the 1.4 million sales mark

Ni no Kuni has reached approximately 1.4 million sales worldwide. These sales figures include the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and the Japan only sales of its Nintendo DS counterpart. The game was released exclusively on PS3 in Europe last January. Olivier Comte, Senior Vice-President at NAMCO BANDAI Games […]

[OPINION] Why the Nintendo 2DS is great

Nintendo has received a lot of flak recently, not least of which from us, over the Nintendo Wii U and its seemingly lack of chance to compete. Since the release of the Wii U, however, the structure of Nintendo has changed, and the once two separate hardware divisions (home & mobile) have become one and […]

[NEWS] Pokémon Direct coming 4th Sept

Today Nintendo announced that there will be a new Nintendo Direct called ‘Pokémon Direct’. It will be hosted, as usual, by Satoru Iwata who will provide news on the upcoming Pokémon X and Y titles coming to Nintendo 3DS worldwide on 12th October (The same day as the Nintendo 2DS). The new Nintendo Direct will be […]

[NEWS] This Week: E3, Apple’s WWDC, Xbox’s policies won’t change, PS4 Demand, Xbox One Backlash and more!

So a lot of news this week with most of it coming from the press conferences at the beginning of the week, here is the list of conferences, and extra E3 stuff we’ve already posted. Microsoft / Xbox Conference EA Conference Ubisoft Conference Sony / PS4 Conference Nintendo Direct Conference No Internet? Buy a 360 […]

[NEWS] Nintendo Direct E3

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata came out as his usual cheery self to make for a worthy 40 minutes of viewing for any nintendo fan. With a collection of first party games that you expect from Nintendo, with your Marios and Nintendo as well as some other familiar faces that we’re glad to see back in […]

[NEWS] This Week: Fallout TV Show, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Batman Arkham Universe, Farming Simulator

Hey we’re back with the news! We’ve been busy with Christmas and Uni work so we haven’t had a chance to do much, but we’re finally back and here is the top news of this week! Fallout coming to TV The company behind Post-Apocalyptic Action-RPG Fallout, namely Bethesda, has filed a trademark for the Fallout […]

[NEWS] This Week: Bioshock Infinite,Hitman Trilogy, More Borderlands 2 DLC, Metal Gear Rising Demo, and More!

Bioshock Infinite It has been confirmed that Bioshock Infinite, the much-anticipated sequel in the Bioshock series, will not have multiplayer. Ken Levine, creative director at Irrational Games, stated that they felt the multiplayer they had developed didn’t fit the feel of the game and would simply be a bolt on to the single player. The […]


FIFA games are ones that have been in my life for quite some time, I haven’t actually owned one since 2004 but they’ve still be there in some capacity. FIFA 13, which I recently bought, has brought all that excitement back again and my copy of Borderlands 2 is sitting in its box not getting […]

[NEWS] E3 2012 – Nintendo games

E3 2012 is now upon us and the latest news on the upcoming games is right here on HSR. Below we have the Nintendo games. All three major keynotes didn’t show much off in terms of exclusive proper games with Xbox lacking in exclusives, Playstation ones being more stories then games, and Nintendo games being […]