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High Score Reviews is finally getting some video content up and running, and we’re kicking things off with a gameplay walkthrough of the indie horror sensation, ‘Slender’. Check out the video embedded below, as I explore the deep dark forests, armed with nothing but a torch and an ability to move. Advertisements

[NEWS] This Week: OnLive on Ouya, Apple’s new controller, GT6, Google Fiber, GTA3

The past week has seem some interesting hardware and software news, here is the most important: Ouya and OnLive It has been announced that OnLive will be coming to the android-based console Ouya at launch. This gives the Ouya the next step in becoming a reality as it will now be able to play fully-fledged […]

[NEWS] Vivendi: Whats the Deal?

Vivendi is a French Mass Media and Telecommunications company with assets including Canal+ Group (TV group), Universal Music Group and Telecoms in France and Brazil. So how does this affect you? Well, they also currently own the controlling stake in Activision|Blizzard, 61% of the company in fact, and they are currently trying to sell it […]


So here we are, it’s finally here, the most anticipated film of 2012 – The Dark Knight Rises. After 2005’s revelation that Batman could still work on the big screen, and 2008’s stunner of a follow up that led many to wonder if a comic book movie could finally win big at the Oscars, we […]

[NEWS] This Week: New Xbox 360, FEZ patch, New PS3, Ouya, Activision Blizzard

A lot of console news this week and nothing to do with the next gen believe is or not! Halo 4 LimEd Console Microsoft have announced they will be releasing a limited edition xbox 360s based on their new Halo title, Halo 4. The console will have a halo 4 stylized livery as well as […]

[REVIEW] Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is a game that I remember fondly as a child, the fact that I was useless at it was neither here nor there. Now the XBLA and PSN HD remake has been brought to the table I snapped it up and played it straight away. The nostalgia that came from playing […]

[REVIEW] Spec Ops: The Line

A game that I personally have been waiting for since they announced it at E3 a few years back, Spec Ops: The Line is albeit rather frustrating when you get down to it. Waiting so long for a game that eventually doesn’t turn out to be much good except for the story line which was […]