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High Score Reviews is always trying to expand and grow to bring more knowledge to the masses, and so we are constantly looking for new contributors!

If you’re interested in writing about any form of media entertainment such as games, film, TV and books or maybe wish to gain some writing experience for a future career then get in touch about joining the team!

Also if you wish to produce other media, such as videos, then we are always welcoming to any ideas you may have.

If you want to produce artwork or something similar then that is also welcome as well!

So down to what we want from you:

  • Interest – You have to be interested in the subject that you want to write about. You don’t have to be a fan of all entertainment but a fan of some form is key.
  • Good Writing Style – A good knowledge of the english language and a solid writing style is important as we cater predominantly for an english speaking user base.
  • Produce What You Want – Be it news, reviews, video content or something new if it fits then we can make it work!

Any successful applications would be non paid roles (mainly because no one here is paid), and would have to be done based purely on appreciation of a given subject. Due to this our rule is produce when you can – If you can’t create an article because you have uni or had to work late then that is fine!

We’re more than happy to give you more details if needed, either via Facebook or Twitter, or if you’d like to apply then email then email general {at}



  1. This is a great idea. Who’s was it?

    1. Collective by the whole team to try and gets some more content for readers 🙂

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