About Ian

Full name: Ian Childs

Console: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS

Preferred Genre: Strategy, Sports, Simulation.

Other Hobbies: Watching sport, running, reading, arguing, cooking.

Twitter: @Percinio


I’ve been gaming for about thirty years, starting on the BBC Model B when you loaded things off tapes, and magazines came with code you typed in to create your own game. I spent many hours playing Defender, Breakout, Kevin Toms’ Football Manager and crashing into space stations in Elite. From there it was on to my old man’s PC and Civilization, a game that in its various guises I still play to this day. Next up was an Amiga 500 which was dominated by Kick Off 1 and 2, before the football game genre hit its peak with the Sensible Soccer series. Next up were the consoles, with all three playstations and two xboxes, a SNES, dreamcast, PSP, Gameboy, DS and N64 at various points. Addictions during that time include NBA Jam, Jonah Lomu Rugby, Cool Boarders 2, Bubble Bobble, Brian Lara Cricket, and every Tiger Woods game up until 11. More recently, for my sins, I’ve dabbled in World of Warcraft. For five years. These days I’m becoming something of a gaming hipster (yeah, I hate myself sometimes too), loving a lot of the stuff on the PC Indie scene, partially for the originality, partially for the price, and partially because I don’t have 50 hours to put into a game these days. Alongside that I spend a lot of time racking up Game Center points on the mobile playing pretty much anything that doesn’t have timelocks.


One comment

  1. Brian Lara cricket was the BOMB! I still play EA Cricket 07 for the mods.

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