Scoring System

The HSR Enhanced 10 System

The scoring system over here at is different to what you may find on other websites. To the untrained eye it looks much like a normal out of 10 scoring system but underneath it something completely different.

The system is actually ‘The HSR Enhanced 10 System’, and is based around an out of 5 system scaled to be out of 10 instead.

How it works

When a member of the team choose a score for a game, they first choose a score out of 5 i.e 1-5. They then decide whether it is a high or low option of that number. This is then converted to be out of 10 using the below scale:

Low 1     = 1

High 1   = 2

Low 2    = 3

High 2  = 4

Low 3   = 5

High 3 = 6

Low 4   = 7

High 4 = 8

Low 5   = 9

High 5 = 10

Why use this system?

Many sites often have distorted scales when scoring a game out of 10. A score of 5 or 6 is seen as a poor score when it should be an average score. At the same time, we feel that a five point scoring system doesn’t give the same accuracy that a 10 point scoring system does.

Based on this we decided ‘The HSR Enhanced 10 System’ would give an accurate system that meant that a 5/10 or a 6/10 is actually an average game, and that a 1/10 or 2/10 is actually a bad game.

We hope this gives a true perspective to how the game really is.

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